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Eruv Update

SJW Eruv Update

The planning application for poles forming the St Johns Wood Eruv was granted in January 2017 by the City of Westminster.

On the 20th September 2018, Camden has approved the Camden portion of SJW Eruv and Camden Eruv. 


Now that the SJW Eruv is fully approved, we are finalising all the licensing work and construction.


All 3 Eruvim, Brondesbury Park Eruv, SJW Eruv and Camden Eruv are 100% planning approved. The Eruv will not be valid before we finalise all 3 licence agreements and erect all poles in the 3 councils (Brent, Camden and Westminster).


With regards to Camden, their solicitor is now responding and we are very close to complete the agreements.


We have also given instructions for our Brent poles to be installed, and have therefore placed the order; these poles will arrive by end of June 2019.


With regards to Westminster, the license agreement is almost completed.


Please note that the Beth-Din has requested some fences on private lands in the route of our Eruv to be repaired/replaced and this has been done. 

For further information please email

Best wishes,
The St John’s Wood Eruv Committee



Tue, 15 October 2019 16 Tishrei 5780