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Erub Update

SJW Erub Update 7th October 2020

ERUV:  both the Eruvim of St Johns Wood and Camden are now ‘live’ from this week. They connect with other Euruvim in the North London Area. We owe a haqarat ha’tob to Olivier and all the team who have been working so tirelessly for over 10 years to realise this project, working around so many issues and objections, never giving up to realise it.

If you are planning to use the Eruv, please ensure you go on and that:

1) You register - to receive confirmation of the positive Eruv status before Shabbath each week

2) You are familiar with the exact boundaries

3) You visit the “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” page



Mon, 18 October 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782