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Tisha b'Ab 5781



Mosaei Shabbath 17th & Sunday 18th July

Shabbat 17th July 2021

Minha: 18.00

Seuda shelisheith @ Home

Stop eating: 21:08

Mosaei Shabbat: 22:18

(Change to weekday clothes and no leather shoes)

Arbith mosaei Shabbat and Kinot: 22:40

Sunday 9th Ab / 18 July 2021

Shaharith: 09:00

Kinot and Sefer Torah

Hatsot 13:07, after you may seat on a chair

Visit to a cemetery


17:00: Options of film and shiurim live from New York and Hafetz Chayim Foundation


19:45: The Titanic and the Secret of Jewish Eternity: How Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai defeated Rome

20:45: Minha (with tefilin and birkat hohanim)

21:15: Shiur

21:30: Arbith

Fast Ends: 22:03

B’H this should be the last Tisha b’Ab.

Sat, 24 July 2021 15 Av 5781