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Shabbath Re'eh

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  • If you want to sponsor a Kidush in the coming weeks please contact
  • Young hazanoute programme is running at full speed. £100 voucher reward to the young boys that will commit to prepare and read an haftara or a couple of Alyot for post BM (please contact Rabbi Fhima for booking and preparation)
  • Minha erev shabbath is at 18.35 please be on time as plag is getting earlier. Full details in the table below
  • Rosh Hodesh Elul: Thursday 17/08 and Friday 18/08

Its nearly Ellul…..

  • We will be sending out the 5784 Membership and seating packs shortly. The programme for Yamim Noraiim will follow shortly
  • Calendar 5784: please reserve weekly slots to mark any event ASAP with Rabbi Fhima, The calendar is planned to be ready for the haggim.
  • Selihot starts: Sunday 20th August - in just over 2 weeks!
  • With many regulars away, please make an extra effort to support our minyanim in the next couple of weeks, thank you.

Weekly Programme

  • Weekday Shaharit: Sunday (08.00), Monday, Wednesday (Rosh Hodesh)  & Thursday (06.50), Rest of the week (07.00)
  • Minha & Arvit: Sunday-Thursday 7.30pm with SJWS




Tue, 26 September 2023 11 Tishrei 5784