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Shabbath Ki’tissah & Parashah Parah

Over the next few Shabbatoth we have to continue to accommodate services within the capacity constraints. Booking is compulsory, so please only book if you are DEFINITELY attending. Please be considerate, we spent a major amount of time planning the Puriim attendances, however the number of ‘no-shows’ would have allowed better alternative planning.

  1.  masks are compulsory
  2. Social distancing must be maintained, no moving of chairs
  3. No socialising and hanging around - come, hear the reading and leave; no socialising neither on the way in nor on the way out
  4. You must enter and leave through the left entrance
  5. No children under 10 will be allowed on site
  6. Sorry, we have no places for ladies this Shabbath
  7. We are strictly limited to 25 places total in our space, after which we will move locations at a suitable time in the service, so you may be asked to wait elsewhere.

Thanks for your co-operation and understanding.

Registration for this Shabbath is via  , registration is not complete until you have input your email address. Registration for this Shabbath closes at midnight on Thursday 4th, there is an option to book through the 21st March and you can still add and delete forward bookings. Any questions please email:

Rosh Hodesh Nissan, a week Sunday, 14th March .

KIMCHA D’PISCHA APPEAL 5781: It’s already that time again; for the past 12 years you have given generously to those less fortunate in the wider NW London Community, some who really cannot afford the basics during Pesach. This year more than ever we need your help. Thank you. Sony. Please donate via: 

SHABBATH TIMINGS, 5th & 6th March:

  • Minha Ereb Shabbath, followed by Kabbalath Shabbath: 17.20
  • Earliest / Latest Candle lighting: 16.39 / 17.32
  • Shaharith: 09.00 (09.15 Hodu)
  • Zeman Q’riyath Shema: M'A: 08.47 (GR'A: 09.23)
  • Zeman Tefilla: MA: 09.46, GR'A: 10.19
  • Minha Shabbath: 17.15
  • Shabbath Day sheqiah: 17.49
  • Arbith Mosaei Shabbath / Shabbath Ends: 18.40

Hol Shaharith: Su: 08.00, Mo&Th: 06.50, Tu, We, Fr: 07.00,
Hol Minha & Arbith from 7th March: Su-Th: 17.45

Wishing you all Shabbath Shalom 



COVID-19 IMPORTANT: Attendance Guidelines 


Fri, 5 March 2021 21 Adar 5781