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 Key Service & Shabbath Emor Times: 

Shabbath Times:

Services Erev Shabbath: 7.00pm (plag: 7.09pm / sheqiah: 8.47pm)
Candle Lighting latest: 8.33pm; Communal time: 7.35pm
Shabbath Ends: 9.55pm
Zeman Keriyath Shema: M'A: 07.28am (GR'A: 09.00am)
Zeman Tefilla: M'A: am (GR'A: 10.19am)

See below for other timings and information.


Our Shabbath qiddush is kindly sponsored by Michael & Elodie Makek, to mark Michael's bar miswa anniversary. Thank you and mabruk.

Services Programme:

  • Friday Night Services: commence at 19.00 with Shir HaSharim
  • Shabbath Shaharith, @ 09.00
  • Minha Shabbath (followed by Seuda Shelisheith): 20.15
  • Shaharith: Su:08.00/Mo&Th:06.50/Tu,We&Fr: 07.00
  • Hol Minha followed by Arbith: 19.30, throughout the summer

Lag L’Omer Party: next Wednesday 22nd May from 19.30, with dinner and candles; ALL WELCOME, see

Sheariim learning programme: morning kollel 06.00 weekdays, Monday night hebrutha and Gemarah in French, Tuesday men and ladies, Wednesday hebrutha and Ladies Thursday morning shiur. Boy’s learning: Ages 5-7: Sunday 09.00 – 09.45, Ages 8-11: Monday, 17.15 – 18.00

Shabbath Shalom

Tue, 21 May 2019 16 Iyyar 5779