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Shabbath Wa-yiggash – Ta’anit 10 Teveth

COVID-19 Update: mask wearing for all adults whilst in all the public areas of the building is now required and mandatory; we strongly recommend that masks are also worn when praying. Thank you.

Qiddush this Shabbath is kindly sponsored by Johana and Yohann Benharroch to celebrate the Bat Miswa of their dear daughter Leava. Mazal Tob and thank you!

Seuda Shelisheith this week is kindly sponsored by David Amsellem leilui nishmath his mother Aisha bat Sarah z’l. Hayiim aruchiim and thank you.

Shabbath Planning: this week we will have a later Minha followed by Seuda Shelisheith and Arbit, details below.

Ta’anith/Fast 10 Teveth – Tuesday 14th December:

  • Starts: 06.30
  • Shaharith: 06.50
  • Minha (with birkat cohaniim & sefer Torah): 15.20
    • Followed by Arbith
  • Fast ends: 16.40

DIARY NOTE: we will be having a Communal lunch 8th January in the main hall; details to follow.

Learning @ Anshei this/next week:

  • Avoth u’baniim: this Saturday evening, 40 minutes after mosaei Shabbath, with prizes
  • Sunday Mornings, immediately after Shaharith: hummash Rashi with croissants and coffee
  • Monday Nights @ 19.30 – 20.30:  men’s hebruta programme, exploring practical halachic matters. Pizza at 19.15.
  • Rachel Ibgui’s ladies Shiuriim: Tuesdays 19.00-20.00 and Thursdays 09.30-10.30, for full details T: 07872 178975
  • Rabbi Fhima’s daf ha’yomi daily shiur for men, at 18.30 via Zoom:, Code: 1234, for further details please contact 07812 194337

Sponsorship Opportunities: Qiddush £400, Seuda Shelisheith £200-, Hebruta learning £120 per week, Ladies Shiuriim £120 per week. Please email if you are interested.

SHABBATH TIMINGS 10th & 11th December:

  • FRIDAY: 
    • Minha Ereb Shabbath & Kabbalath Shabbath:  15.30
    • Latest Candle lighting: 15.33
    • Shaharith09.00 (09.15 Hodu)
    • Zeman Q’riyath Shema: M'A: 09.19 | GR'A: 09.55
    • Zeman Tefilla: M’A: 09.57 | GR'A: 10.34
    • Minha Shabbath followed by Seuda Shelisheith15.20
      • Shabbat Day sheqia: 15.51
    • Arbith Mosaei Shabbath / (Shabbath ends): 16.50


  • Hol Shaharith: Mo&Th: 06.50, Tu,We,Fr: 07.00, Su: 08.00
  • Hol Minha & Arbith Winter: SJWS are running combined minha & arbith at 15.45 (3.45pm) throughout the winter

Shabbath Shalom



COVID-19 IMPORTANT: Attendance Guidelines 


Thu, 9 December 2021 5 Tevet 5782