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 Key Service & Shabbath Mesorah & Shabbath Ha’Gadol Times: 

Shabbath Times:

Services Erev Shabbath: 6.45pm (plag: 6.25pm / sheqiah: 7.51pm)
Candle Lighting latest: 7.36pm; Communal time: 7.25pm
Shabbath Ends: 8.47pm
Zeman Keriyath Shema: M'A: 08.32am (GR'A: 09.35am)
Zeman Tefilla: M'A: am (GR'A: 10.43am)

See below for other timings and information.


Our Shabbath HaGadol qiddush is very kindly sponsored by Roman Shamir l'Ilui nishmat his grand-mother Miriam bat Moshehaim z’l. Hayiim aruchiim and thank you.

Services Programme:

  • Friday Night Services: commence at 18.45 with Shir HaSharim
  • Shabbath Shaharith, @ 09.00
  • Minha Shabbath (followed by Seuda Shelisheith): 19.15
  • Shaharith: Su: 08.00/Mo,Th: 06.50/Tu,We&Fr: 07.00
  • Hol Minha followed by Arbith: 19.30, throughout the summer


  1. Pischa d’Pishca (“flour for the needy”) Pesach Campaign to feed poor families in NW London, details on our web site,
  2. Shul will be Hamess free from this Sunday 14th April, please ensure ALL BOXES are cleaned that morning, thank you.
  3. Pesach Services Programme, 19th to 27th April, see:, please do make an extra effort to attend and be on time for Friday night Pesah services commencing at 19.30, 19th April.
  4. Key times for Friday 19th April, Erev Hag Pesah, Bank Holiday:


Shaharith followed by Siyum for the Firstborn


Stop eating Hames /  11.30 Dispose of Hames


Minha followed by Kabbalat Yom Tob  (Qiddush after 20:45)


Candle Lighting



  1. Sale of Hames/Chametz Forms, please complete and hand in by 08.00 Thursday 18th April, forms can be downloaded:

Sheariim learning: will be on a break from 14th April.

Shabbath Shalom


Sun, 21 April 2019 16 Nisan 5779