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Shabbath Wa’ethhannan

Qiddush this Shabbath is jointly sponsored by Jean Hezghia l'ilui nishmat for his mother Pari Bat Moshe Messiach z'l and by David Sebbah for l'ilui nishma Haron Ben Naji Cohen and his mother, Pierrette Sebbah z’l. Thank you.

With many regulars away, please make an extra effort to support our minyanim, thank you.  

Pledges: thank you for these. Please do ensure that these are settled before Ellul; see for all the different payment methods and links, thank you.

SHABBATH TIMINGS 12th & 13th August:

  • FRIDAY: 
    • Ereb Shabbath: Shir Hashiriim, Minha & Kabbalath Shabbath:  18:50
      • Community time/Latest Candle lighting: ~19.30/20.14
    • Shaharith: 09.00 
      • Zeman Q’riyath Shema: M'A: 08.47 | GR'A: 09.23
      • Zeman Tefilla: M’A: 09.55 | GR'A: 10.37
    • Minha followed by Seuda Sheisheith: 19.55
      • Sheqia: 20.27
    • Arbith & Mosaei Shabbath: 21.25

Shabbath Shalom





Wed, 17 August 2022 20 Av 5782