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Shabbath Bo

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  • Thank you to Eric Besoussan for sponsoring Saturday kidush for the refua shelema of Shmuel ben Simha and Michael Galula for sponsoring Seouda Shelishit leilui nishmat Rabbi Attougui Maatok ben Hanina. Chazak u Baruch and thank you for the continued support !
  • For sponsoring opportunities please email:
  • Minha erev shabbath is at 16.15 please make an effort as Shabbat still starts early. Full details in the table below

Weekly Programme

  • Shaharit: Sunday (08.00), Monday & Thursday (06.50), Rest of the week (07.00)
  • Arvit: Monday (7.30pm) rest of the week (4.15pm minha + arvit with SJW)

Tu b'Shevat: Sunday 05/02

  • Please join us together with SJW on Sunday 05/02 at 7pm in the Sukkah for a great evening with fruits, drinks and divrei torah. Full details to be communicated soon.

Learning programme!!!

  • Sunday 09.00: parasha with croissant
  • Monday 19.15: chavrota with pizza
  • Ladies shiurim on Monday 19.00 and Thursday 09.30 (registration on 07872 178 975)
  • Daily Daf Ha' Yomi at 18.30

To settle outstanding pledges and / or memberships please see details on:

Shabbath Shalom






Wed, 1 February 2023 10 Shevat 5783