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Shabbath Beshalach

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  • Thank you to Yohann Freoa for sponsoring kidush this week likhvod Benchimol family visiting from Paris and refoua chelema Laurent David ben Evelyne Esther and Ora Tehila bat Yael. Chazak u baruch and thanks for the support!!!
  • For sponsoring opportunities please email:
  • Minha erev shabbath is at 16.30 please make an effort as Shabbat still starts early. Full details in the table below

Weekly Programme

  • Shaharit: Sunday (08.00), Monday & Thursday (06.50), Rest of the week (07.00)
  • Arvit: Monday (7.30pm) rest of the week (4.15pm minha + arvit with SJW)

Tu b'Shevat: This Sunday 05/02

  • Please join us together with SJW on Sunday 05/02 at 7pm in the Sukkah for a great evening with fruits, drinks and divrei torah. Full details to be communicated soon.
  • Please Register on

Learning programme!!!

  • Sunday 09.00: parasha with croissant
  • Monday 19.15: chavrota with pizza
  • Ladies shiurim on Monday 19.00 and Thursday 09.30 (registration on 07872 178 975)
  • Daily Daf Ha' Yomi at 18.30

To settle outstanding pledges and / or memberships please see details on:

Shabbath Shalom






Wed, 8 February 2023 17 Shevat 5783