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Shabbath Bamidbar - Mebarahin Hahodesh

Shabbath Times 22nd /23rd May:
Ereb Shabbath & Earliest Candle lighting: Plag: 19.16 (Plag Y.Y. 19.34)

Sheqiah: 20.56
Candle Lighting latest: 20.41pm
Shabbath Day sheqiah: 20.57
Shabbath Ends: 22.06
Zeman Keriyath Shema: M'A: 08.21 (GR'A: 08.57)
Zeman Tefilla: GR'A: 10.17


Rosh Hodesh Sivan: Sunday 24th May


WEEK 10, still carrying on in lockdown, time has flown by since Pesach and we are nearly at Shabuoth without our makom for tefilla.  Let’s continue to stay connected. We continue to pray for all the holim and an end to this virus.

Rosh Hodesh Sivan: Sunday 24th May. Please note that is appropriate this year to do the Tefilla Hashalach for your children this Friday morning, 22nd May after Shaharith, you can download a version from our web site:

Note no Tachanun is said until Friday 5th June, 13th Sivan.

Pirqei Aboth: as is the custom from Pesach to Shabuoth, we will be reading pereq shishi (6), the final perek, this Shabbath.

Tiqqun Leil Shabuoth Mahazors: any members that want to borrow a mahzor for the tiqun, we have organised the lending of our Shabuoth mahazoriim, this Sunday, 24th May, Rosh Hodesh Sivan, from 11.00-11.45 in the SJWS Courtyard. Please, you must respect social distancing and wear a mask and gloves otherwise you will be denied entry, thank you.

Counting the Omer: keep on counting, just over 1 week until matan Torah.

Shabuoth: starts next Thursday evening 28th May and ends mosaei Shabbath 30th May.

  • Note no Tachanun is said until Friday 5th June, 13th Sivan.
  • Please establish an Eruv Tabshilim on Thursday 28th May
  • Thursday 28th May:
    • Earliest Qiddush and Arbith: 21.04
      • Most appropriate time after nightfall: 22.10
    • The custom is to stay awake the entire night and read the Tikun this night: pick up your book this Sunday
  • Shabuoth, Day 1, Friday 29th May
    • It is a custom to read the Ketubah for Shabuoth
    • Shahrith at home from: 04.00
    • Sunrise Nets hachama: 04.52
      • Shemah before 8.18am
      • Tefila before 10.15am
    • Minha, preferably before Plag: 19.00, including
      • Ruth Part 1
      • Az’harot – Miswoth Aseh
    • Candle Lighting, Qabbalth Shabbat & Arbith: earliest 19.24
  • Shabuoth, Day 2, Saturday 30th May
    • Minha:19.00,  then include:
      • Ruth Part 2
      • Az’harot – Miswoth Lo Ta’Aseh
  • Arbith then Habdallah for Shabbath & Yom Tob: 10.18

Maintaining Contact: if you or someone you know needs help or assistance, please do call Rabbi Fhima on: 07812 194337. To be added to the Anshei WhatsApp Group, text 07812 194337.

Shabbath Shalom & Tizju L'Shaniim Raboth



Mon, 25 May 2020 2 Sivan 5780