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Shabbath Ha’azinu & Succoth

COVID-19: keep with hand hygiene and reduced physical contact; masks when busy. Thank you.

Qiddush this week is kindly sponsored by Aaron Nejad in memory of his late father, Avraham Ben Aharon z’l; hayim aruchiim and thank you. Also, thank you to Jeysson Abergel for kindly sponsoring qiddush last Shabbath for the refuah shelemah of his dear friend, Gregory Shmuel ben Hasiba.

Seuda Shelisheith is kindly sponsored by Jacob Isaac in memory of his mother Habiba Hilda bat Farha z’l. Hayiim aruchiim. Thank you.


  • Begins on Monday evening 20th September; Minha followed by Arbith is at 18.30, Shaharith on Tuesday is at 09.00.
  • Full programme details are on our web site:
  • Please order your Arbah Minim ASAP through Oury Ibgui, contact via or WhatsApp 07930653365, ASAP – you may already be too late.
  • Help with our Succah: volunteers needed to help construct this in the courtyard this coming Sunday morning, 19th September, after Shaharith. Speak to Rabbi Fhima.
    • The Succah will be available for the use by the kehilla when security is on duty.
  • Qiddush after Musaf next Tuesday and Wednesday, will be held in our Succah.
  • Mabruk to our Hattanim:
    • Eddie Benisty: Hattan Torah
    • Gad Titan: Hattan Beresheith
    • Jacob Cohen: Hattan M’onah 

SHABBATH TIMINGS 17th & 18th September:

  • FRIDAY: 
    • Minha Ereb Shabbath & Kabbalath Shabbath:  18.45 prompt
    • Earliest / Latest Candle lighting: 17.52 / 18.54
    • Shaharith09.00 (09.15 Hodu)
    • Zeman Q’riyath Shema: M'A: 09.11 | GR'A: 09.47
    • Zeman Tefilla: M’A: 10.15 | GR'A: 10.49
    • Minha Shabbath followed by Seuda Shelisheith18.30
      • Shabbat Day sheqia: 19.07
    • Shabbath ends/Arbith Mosaei Shabbath: 19.58

NEXT WEEK: See Yamim Noraiim Programme via

Shabbath Shalom & Tizku l’shanim rabbot n’imoth v’toboth




COVID-19 IMPORTANT: Attendance Guidelines 


Sun, 19 September 2021 13 Tishrei 5782