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Succoth 5781

Obviously restrictions are tightening as the Covid infection rate increases.


Our High Holyday Programme is available to either Download or ‘view’ on our web site, please see

For this week and Shabbath you must pre-register to attend tefilla services via the Doodle calendar link below, by Noon Friday 2nd October, , bookings are now possible through to 30th October.

Succoth : Arba Minim can be ordered through Oury Ibgui, complete mehudarim sets but be q-u-i-c-k. Prices vary between £35 to £70+. Please contact via or WhatsApp 07930653365, the ordering deadline has passed, but if you’re nice to him he still may be able to sort you out.

Succah Arrangements: due to the situation we will not have our communal succah this year. In addition, there will be no communal gatherings. However we have arranged for 2 small Succah’s on the site that will operate over Yom Tob (arrangements for Hol HaMoed are not fixed yet but should be similar), where strictly family bubbles can do qiddush, wash and birkat hamazon, sorry no food, meals etc.. We will be offering the grape juice and halloth. Please no more than 7/8 minutes per family bubble to allow as many people to benefit without waiting around. One of the kehilla will be kindly managing this arrangement for us over Yom Tob – so please follow their instructions.

Fund Raising: thank you all who have pledged to support us, all the payment options are listed: Prompt settlement will be really appreciated.
UK Government Covid Guidelines: we all have a collective responsibility to all the people who will be on site to suppress the spread of this disease, in particular with regards to synagogues:.

  1. If you are feeling unwell and have any symptoms then please do NOT come.
  2. Every person entering the site will be checked-in by name; if you have not been pre-registered by us then unfortunately you will be denied admission
  3. The wearing of face coverings is a legal requirement for all indoor public spaces and must be worn correctly during the entire service
    1. Face coverings must cover the nose and mouth.
    2. If you feel uncomfortable, please take a break:
  4. Rule of 6: please no congregating around the tebah, ehal, hallways or courtyard
  5. Apart from the Hazzan, the kehilla should avoid singing (it does say that!)


Shabbath & Service Times for Succoth: 2nd / 3rd /4th October

  • Friday & Shabbath – Day 1
    • Minha Ereb Shabbath Succoth, followed by Kabbalath Shabbath: 18.00
    • Latest Candle: 18.17
    • Shaharith: 09.00
      • Zeman Q’riyath Shema: M'A: 09.20 (GR'A: 09.57)
      • Zeman Tefilla: MA: 10.21, GR'A: 10.54
    • Candle Lighting (earliest): 19.23
    • Arbith: 19.40
  • Sunday – Day 2
    • Shaharith: 09.00 with Lulab & Etrog
    • Minha: 18.00
    • Arbith and Mosaei Yom Tob: 19.21

Hol Selihoth then Shaharith: Su: 07.00, Mo-Fri: 06.00
Hol Minha/Arbith: Su-Th: 18.00 daily

We wish you all Shabbath Shalom & Tizku l’shanim rabbot n’imot v’tovoth



COVID-19 IMPORTANT: Attendance Guidelines 


Thu, 1 October 2020 13 Tishrei 5781