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Shabbath Zav - Shabbath HaGadol Times:

Shabbath Times:

Ereb Shabbath:  Plag: 18.30 / sheqiah: 19.37
Candle Lighting latest: 19.22pm
Shabbath Day sheqiah: 19.39
Shabbath Ends: 20.31
Zeman Keriyath Shema: M'A: 08.52 (GR'A: 09.45)
Zeman Tefilla: GR'A: 10.51



Rosh Hodesh: 

We continue to pray for all the holim, all the people who need help and for yeshuah from this terrible disease. Below you will find additional information to help prepare for Pesach including timings and halachoth for Hag Pesach.

Pesach Preparations:

  • Mechirat Hametz: Please download the Sale of Chametz form via the following page:, please note you will need to complete one form per property. Forms have to be completed, scanned and emailed to Rabbi Fhima by 08.00 on Monday 6th April.
    • As we cannot access our premises, we will be selling all the hametz in the synagogue, our kitchen and cupboards.
  • There is no Viddui and N’filat Apayim, no fasting etc. during Nisan
  • Until Tuesday 7th April, 13th Nisan, we add the daily portions from the Nesiim/Princes and portions for the neshamoth.
  • we can bless the trees, Birkat ha’Ilanot throughout the month of Nisan, so try to identify two fruit trees with blossom.
  • Please use a Pesach mahzor for the Pesach tefilloth
  • Food: please see for various guides for this years Hag, however please bear in mind that hamess is not allowed to be your possession and all hamess must be removed/sold from your premises;
  • Hagalah: there will be no public services operating this year;
  • Tevilat Kelim: it appears that all the miqwe’s are closed, the Federation have arranged a service, . Fill in your form by 6pm to be included in that day's mechira.


  • Tuesday night 7th April/Wednesday 8th, final time for Qiddush L’vanah until 03.15
  • Tuesday night 7th April, Bedikat Hamess after Arbith: 20.37
  • Ereb Pesach, Wednesday 8th April, 14th Nisan:
    • Ta’anith Beharoth/Fast of the First Born @ 08.00, Special Siyum on Zoom:
    • Stop eating Hamess by 10.11
    • Bitul Hamess by 11.37
    • Don’t forget: prepare Eruv Tavshilin before Yom Tob
    • Pesach Day 1 Candle Lighting: 19.30
    • Earliest Seder start: 20.36
  • Thursday 9th April (Hag Pesach Day 1):
    • Tikkun Hatal is said just before Musaf: switch to Morid Hatal from Mashib Haruach v’Morid Hageshem.
    • Pesach Day 2 Candle lighting: 20.38 (nightfall)
    • Earliest Seder start: 20.38
    • 1st Night for Counting the Omer after nightfall
    • Hatsot: 01:01
  • Friday 10th April (Hag Pesach Day 2):
    • Shabbath Hol Ha’moed candle Lighting: 19.30
    • No Bameh madlikin
  • 11th April, (Shabbath Hol HaMoed)
    • Follow the mahzor for all services
    • Mosaei Shabbath: 20.45
      • Barecheinu in Amidah, not Barech Alenu from now.

Maintaining Contact: If anybody needs any support, Rabbi Fhima is co-ordinating this effort. So, if you or someone you know needs help or assistance, please do call him on: 07812 194337. You can also be added to the Anshei WhatsApp Group by texting 07812 194337.

Kimcha d’Pischa / Feed the Poor at Pesach: time is running out, if you still wish to participate in this initiative to feed the needy in North West London, please make your donation in one of the following ways:

  • Cheques should be made payable to BSD Charitable Trust and post donations to SD Management, Boydell Court, St John’s Wood Park, London NW8 6NJ.
  • Transfer via Achisomoch:,
  • Bank Transfer - Account: BSD, Sort: 20 95 61, Account Number: 50778206, IBAN number: GB71 BARC 2095 6150 7782 06, Reference: ‘Pesach’

Shabbath HaGadol Meborach & a Kasher Pesach v'Sameach

Sun, 5 April 2020 11 Nisan 5780