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Key Services & Shabbath Ki Thissa Times:

Services Erev Shabbath: 5.10pm (plag: 4.22pm / sheqiah: 5.27pm)
Candle Lighting latest: 5.12pm 
Shabbath Ends: 6.20pm
Zeman Keriyath Shema: M'A: 08.37am(GR'A: 09.36am)
Zeman Tefilla: M'A: am (GR'A: 10.28am)

See below for other timings and information.


THIS SHABBATH qiddush is kindly sponsored by Laurance Baghdadi, together with Marc, Emma and Sasha, in dearest memory of Aharon (Henry) ben Mordechai z'l. Hayiim aruchiim and thank you.

Services Programme next week:

  • Friday Night Services: commence at 17.10
  • Shabbath Shaharith @ 09.00
  • Minha Shabbath (followed by Seuda Shelisheith): 16.50
  • Shaharith: Su: 08.00/Mo&Th: 06.50/Tu, We&Fr: 07.00
  • Arbith: Mon-Thurs @ 19.30

Sheariim learning programme includes morning kollel from 06.00 weekdays. Monday and Wednesday night hebrutha and Gemarah in French shiur, Tuesday men and ladies and the Ladies Thursday morning shiur. Boy’s Learning programme:

  • Ages 5-7: Sunday mornings, 09.00 – 09.45
  • Ages 8-11: Monday evenings, 17.15 – 18.00

PLEASE NOTE: The stone setting for the late Aharon ben Mordechai (Henry Baghdadi) z’l will be this Sunday 24th February at 14.45 in Cheshunt. Details through Rabbi Fhima.

Shabbath UK, next Week, includes:

  • Anshei Hallah Bake, Wednesday 27th February.
  • Joint Seuda Shelisheith with SJWS on Shabbath

Diary Dates:

  1. Pouriim, 20th and 21st March, including a Seuda and kids entertainment on 21st from 16.30. Full programme and details to follow.
  2. Anshei’s International Professionals Friday Night Dinner, with guest speaker Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Friday 5th April. Details and booking link to follow.


Shabbath Shalom

Thu, 21 February 2019 16 Adar I 5779