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Membership & Community Letter of Anshei Shalom for 5783 (2022-23)

Dear Kahal HaKadosh

We are approaching the end of another successful year at Anshei Shalom, providing daily minyanim, a rich learning programme and initiatives such as the popular Ladies shiurim, Avot u Banim and Monday Night hevruta learning. This has been achieved despite the problems brought about by the Covid pandemic and its aftermath, including lower attendances at services and a dramatic decrease in funding.

Regarding funding, Anshei Shalom is at a critical point. We have reached the stage where our reserves are nearly exhausted and the future of Anshei Shalom in its present form is in doubt. This is the unfortunate reality of our current situation.

As we enter our 20th year, our message to you is a very simple one. If you value the community we have all built and of which we all feel a part, as well as the work that has been put in, then please do all you can to support us, by attending, by joining and by giving. We do not have the resources to continue without your support and we now need it more than ever. Our very existence has never been more threatened, so please give as much as you can.

Please find all our updated membership and High Holyday seat reservation forms on our web site:

For all the ways to donate to us, please see:

We need to mention that our trustee, Andrew Renton, stepped down during the year. The trustees and kehilla are truly indebted to him for all his work over the years. We will miss his advice and participation and wish him and his family masliach in all that they do. We are pleased to report that Haskell Elias and Aaron Nejad have kindly stepped up as new Trustees.

On behalf of the whole Kehilah, we would like to thank you for your continued support and to wish you and your family only good health, S’machoth and Berachoth for 5783.

Tizku l’shaniim raboth and Thank You!

With warmest regards

Bob Hayim - Trustee

For and on behalf of Anshei Shalom:

Rabbi E Fhima

Haskell Elias – Trustee

Aaron Nejad - Trustee

Registered in England Charity Number 1100912


Sun, 2 April 2023 11 Nisan 5783