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Membership  5779

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Membership & Community Letter of Anshei Shalom for 5779 (2018-19)


Dear Kahal HaKadosh

Thank you! Last year at this time, we were concerned about the future funding of our kehillah and we were pleading for your increased support. By reviewing our cost base and with help from many people and the wider diaspora of Anshei Shalom supporters we overcame the crisis. As the Yamim Noraiim approach, it is again time to ask for your much needed support of our Kehillah for the coming Year.

We represent Orthodox Sephardim in the area, which demands a high level of funding, in particular for education and we allocate close to 33% of our budget to this end. In addition, we have commitments to the Rabbi, the Rabbi’s flat, to the rental of our space in SJWS and the provision of subsidies towards our events.

Whilst we are delighted to have more people help with the running of events and day-to-day matters, our financial position remains precarious. We continue curtailing discretionary costs, including reviewing all our supply agreements, but we are also mindful not to impact our programmes.

During 5778, we have continued to maintain strong daily minyanim, whilst our Shabbat services and Seudah Shelishits are well attended. Through the year we have been honoured by visits from some leading Rabbanim. Under the stewardship of Rabbi Fhima, the widely recognised strength and warmth of our services and programmes are enhanced by the commitment and energy which so many of our membership bring to the Kehilah on a daily and weekly basis.

Our learning programmes have continued to develop, with improved programmes for our ladies. We have continued to be a meeting place where people meet their zivug and create new families. We also remain very supportive both morally and financially of the development of the Camden and Westminster Eruvim.

The launch of our 5779 Calendar in the next few weeks will provide a foretaste of our activities for the coming year.

You can help support us by renewing or joining our Membership programme, or if you are already a member, consider upgrading your Membership level. Also, please do participate in our sponsorship opportunities (for qiddushim and learning etc.) to mark events and milestones in yours and your family’s lives. These actions are important financial contributions and demonstrate your commitment to Anshei Shalom and keep us, your voluntary committee, motivated to strive further.

Please find all forms on our web site:

As we go forward into 5779, we ask that you reflect on where you give your ma’aseh/charity obligations and demonstrate an increased commitment to Anshei Shalom.

On behalf of the whole Kehilah, we would like to thank you for your continued support of Anshei Shalom over the past years and to wish you and your family only S’machoth and Berachoth for 5779.

Tizku l’shaniim raboth.

With warmest regards

For and on behalf of the Committee of Anshei Shalom:

Raphael Cohen

David Elias - Treasurer

Bob Hayim - Chairman

Yasha Levi

Aaron Nejad

Andrew Renton – Joint Trustee

Marc Touboul


Tue, 21 May 2019 16 Iyyar 5779