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Membership & Community Letter of Anshei Shalom for 5781 (2020-21)

Dear Kahal HaKadosh

Thank you for your support over the years!

We have achieved much in creating and building Jewish worlds through shiurim, shidduchim, family purity, children’s education and much much more.

This year our message is brief and simple: we need your support in order to survive and continue.

Covid-19 has devastated our functioning and finances.

Please allocate your ma’aseh/charity obligations to us and demonstrate an increased commitment to Anshei Shalom by pledging to increase your membership tier and if you are also able, to increase your pledge amounts. There are many other ‘good’ causes and other charities further from us that have demanded charity from you, now it’s time to focus on your ‘home’. We desperately need your support.

Due to Covid and in the interests of health and safety we have to severely restrict numbers this year and in addition to speed up services, we will not be conducting any auctions during the yamim noraiim. Obviously, this decision seriously impacts our ability to raise the majority of our annual funding as we would normally, hence we are at your mercy to be as generous as possible now.

Please find all forms on our web site:; please note only members will be allocated seats this year during the yamim noraim based on responses to our attendance survey and we will be in touch on the outcome of all the requests shortly.

On behalf of the whole Kehilah, we would like to thank you for your continued support and to wish you and your family only S’machoth and Berachoth for 5781.

Tizku l’shaniim raboth.

With warmest regards

For and on behalf of Anshei Shalom:

Rabbi E Fhima

David Elias - Treasurer

Bob Hayim - Joint Trustee

Andrew Renton – Joint Trustee


Sat, 24 July 2021 15 Av 5781